Supportive Services Coordinator

Te’Andis Elliot

Maintenance Technician

Anthony Ponikiski  

Supportive Services Coordinator

Ladia Htoo   Ladia is a Supportive Services Coordinator with Archway Communities. In this role, she is responsible for engaging with residents, assessing individual needs, and creating a program of services to help residents achieve their goals. As a Supportive Services Coordinator, Ladia is focused on ensuring residents maintain their housing, have access to essential…

Property Manager

Miya Vaughn   Miya is a Property Manager with Archway. In this role, she is responsible for fiscal management, compliance and lease enforcement at the community and property operations. Miya works closely with our Supportive Services Coordinators and Resident Case Managers so that residents are successful in maintaining their housing. Prior to Archway, Miya has…